“Amigos de Paradores” allow you to have an experience to stay in old castles and forts all over Spain. There are currently 95 Paradors all over Spain, offering more than 10,000 hotel places. These unique establishments also provide numerous leisure activities all year round. Whatever your age and interests, you are sure to find something that suits you.

The Spanish Paradores®, luxury hotel accommodation in Castles, Palaces, Convents, Monasteries, Fortresses and other historic buildings. The group also has a few modern Spanish hotels, built in the traditional style, in areas of outstanding beauty.

The Parador® hotels are throughout Spain, from Galicia in the North to Andalusia in the South, also in the Canary Islands and in Ceuta and Melilla, the two Spanish cities in North Africa.
The building is often part of the heritage of Spain although there are some modern hotels in a spectacular location. If this is the first stay at one of these Spain hotels, you will find there is most pleasant surprise waiting.


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